In a previous video about using the browser developer tools, I focus on how to use the JavaScript console to experiment with and test your JavaScript code.

In the following videos, I provide a quick overview of the main features in the Safari and Chrome developer tools, to get you oriented with the tools so you know what’s available and how you might use them. Each panel of the developer tools within a browser, like the JavaScript console, or the Elements panel, deserves an entire video, so for now, use these videos to get a sense of what’s there, and check back later for future videos on the details of the individual panels.

As a web developer, you should be familiar with the developer tools in all the modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Edge), although you will probably pick a favorite to use for the majority of your testing and debugging. These videos are a great way to learn what each of the browsers offers for development so when you dive in yourself, you’ll know what to expect. I’ll be doing more videos about more of the features in the various browsers, so keep an eye out!

Using the Chrome Console

Using the Safari Console

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