These chapter videos are a great companion as you work your way through Head First JavaScript Programming. Each video walks you through a quick overview of what’s coming up in the next chapter, points out what to watch out for or take special note of as you work through the chapter, and what big ideas you should take away. Each video is just a few minutes long, and will help set the stage before you jump into the next chapter of the book.


Getting your Feet Wet: In this video for Chapter One, we get going with the basics of JavaScript, how to get code in your page, and some core language features like variables, expressions, and statements. You’ll write your first program and get it running in the browser, too. Get ready to dive into Head First JavaScript Programming with this video companion to Chapter One.


Writing Real Code: This chapter’s all about computational thinking: taking a problem and breaking it down into logic that you can implement with JavaScript. Check out the game we’re going to build in this video companion to Chapter Two.


Introducing Functions: In this chapter, you learn your first JavaScript superpower: functions. This video companion to Chapter Three will give you all the highlights from this chapter as you dig into functions, how you define them, how you use them, and what you can do with them.


Arrays: Bubbles-R-Us needs your help, and you’ll need arrays to do it. What’s an array? Check out this video to find out, and get a quick taste of all the things you can do with arrays before you dive into Chapter Four.


Understanding objects: You’ve heard of objects in programming, right? They’re only the foundation for all object-oriented programming. Chapter Five is all about objects; get a sense of what you’ll be learning about objects with this video.


Interacting with your web page: It’s finally time to get your JavaScript talking to your web page: updating content in the page and getting content from the page using code. The trick is working with the Document Object Model. Get a taste of everything to come in Chapter Six with this video.


Serious Types: Types is a serious topic in JavaScript, so this is a serious (and seriously fun) chapter. Dive into the deep end of types with this video companion to Chapter Seven.


Building an app: Chapter Eight is where we bring everything you’ve learned so far together to build a web app. In this chapter, you’ll build a full blown interactive game. Get a preview of what you’ll be building with this video companion to Chapter Eight.


Handling events: Most JavaScript programs deal with handling lots of different kinds of events. This Chapter is all about events: what they are, how they work, and the different kinds of events you’ll encounter. Get a head start on events with this video companion to Chapter Nine.


First Class Functions: JavaScript functions are extra special: they’re first class values in the language. What’s first class? Check out this video companion to get a jump start on first class functions before you tackle Chapter Ten.


Anonymous functions, scope, and closures: Yes, there’s more to learn about functions! They are a superpower, after all. The topics in this chapter can be tricky to wrap your head around, so get a taste of what’s to come with this video companion to Chapter Eleven.


Creating Objects: Time to delve back into the world of objects. This chapter is all about a better way to construct objects, as well as more nitty gritty details about objects and how they work. Check out this video to get a taste of object constructors before you dig into Chapter Twelve.


Using Prototypes: Chapter Thirteen builds on Chapter Twelve. JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language, but its approach to object inheritance is a little different from other languages. This chapter is all about prototypes. What’s a prototype? Check out this video companion to the final chapter in the book and find out.

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