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Learning JavaScript Functions, Part 3

The third in a several-part series on JavaScript functions, taking you from first principles to advanced concepts. In this video, Elisabeth describes how to create and experiment with functions using the JavaScript console.

This video is a follow on to JavaScript Functions Part 2.

Introduction to JavaScript Functions Part 3 from Wickedly Smart on Vimeo.

  • Brian Hudgins

    Super, as usual. Nice tutorial. You caught me off guard on this one: I was braced for something that went beyond Part 2, but this was more a revisiting of Part 1 – I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nice explanation, though. Good coaching always includes drilling in the basics. Thank you.

  • AJ Speller

    Great video.

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  • Leke

    It was very nice to see how this worked in the console. I have a clearer understanding of how functions are just variables and how they are called as such.

    In the last lecture, you mentioned about why we should care about assigning anonymous functions to variables. I hope you will still go into this.

    Thanks for such a great series. I’m learning so much.

  • Peter Eekhof

    Very good video in the Head First manner (text + images), and explained me clearly the different options with functions (e.g. named as well anonymous function assigned to a variable).