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Learning JavaScript Functions, Part 2

The second in a several-part series on JavaScript functions, taking you from first principles to advanced concepts. In this video, Eric describes how function names are just like other JavaScript variables: they’re variable names pointing to function values.

Introduction to JavaScript Function Part 2 from Wickedly Smart on Vimeo.

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  • Matt Hanrahan

    more please!

  • erictfree


  • Joe Hanson

    Loved it, can’t wait :)

  • Brian Hudgins

    Beautiful. Perfect. And taught in a way that no book – even a Head First book – can convey quite as well. I agree with the others – more, please, and thank you.

  • Joshua Burke

    That was very well explained, can’t wait to see the rest of the series.

  • AJ Speller

    Great video. I have had the HTML 5 book for a few months. I just started reading it a couple of days ago. I really like the book.

  • AJ Liptak

    I just asked for a copy of Michael Morrison’s Headfirst JavaScript as a birthday present

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  • Leke

    You just assigned the nameless function to a variable.

    You just blew my mind :D

  • Leke

    You know, I can’t find this series on YouTube.

    • beth

      Hi Leke, we aren’t posting these on YouTube, just! Thanks.

  • RodneyStrong

    Not to be a stickler here, and I could be totally wrong, but at 3:29 you say,”In this case we have an argument of ‘weight’ we pass the parameter of ’15′ ..”

    Did you mean the other way around? A -parameter- of ‘weight’ we pass the -argument- of ’15′ ?
    I’m using page 120 of HF HTML5 for reference.

    Great video by the way.

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Yes, it’s backwards! Which is a little embarrassing, given that we made that point in HF HTML5! ;-)

      • RodneyStrong

        I got so nervous after I posted that. I checked the errata at the o’reily forums and didn’t find anything there and then consulted some of my javascript colleagues; all confirmed what you replied.

        No worries at all! The community absolves you, as long as you hire me ;)

        I’ll gladly make the coffee and ‘gopher’ this and that.

    • erictfree

      You are painfully correct. We’ve been meaning to go edit this but haven’t gotten to it. Given our lecture on page 120 it’s even more embarassing ;(