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Head First JavaScript Programming Teasers #3

What makes JavaScript different?

JavaScript is a bit different from other programming languages. How? In part three of Head First JavaScript Programming Teasers, Elisabeth steps you through what makes JavaScript unique, and why it’s a great first programming language. All you need to get started is a text editor and a browser!

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Need to get caught up? Watch parts one and two of Head First JavaScript Programming Teasers.

  • Jeff Turner

    Javascript doesn’t always run in a browser anymore? I might change that to browser or the server (Node.js).

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Hi Guest – what about JavaScript in Photoshop? :-)

  • Rogerio Silva

    Hi Beth, Hi Eric, I’m here just to say that I really love your books and the way you write. I’m an economics student and never wanted to study programming until I had an idea for a business and you’re helping me with the first steps. I would love to have some books of you about php, sql, java, and other subjects. Success!! PS: Beth, I think you’re beautiful.

    • Vursana Lan

      Hi Everybody, Hi All Planet Hi All World.. Aj.. Aj.. Ajey.. Hey Yavrum Hey

      44 > 23


    • Elisabeth Robson

      Thanks Rogerio!

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