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Head First JavaScript Programming

Head First JavaScript

Head First JavaScript Programming is done! Completed in March 2014 (and available early April), Head First JavaScript Programming is a whole new take on teaching programming with JavaScript. If you’ve read Head First HTML and CSS, and you’re ready to take on programming for the first time, or you’ve had a little experience with hacking together a few scripts, but really need to learn the language right, or you want to tackle Head First HTML5 Programming but need a little more help wrapping your head around JavaScript first, Head First JavaScript Programming is for you.

What people are saying about Head First JavaScript Programming

“An excellent introduction to programming combined with advanced topics like object construction, inheritance, and closures allows readers to move from the basics to some of the most interesting concepts in modern computer programming.” –Peter Casey Professor, Central Oregon Community College

“This book takes you behind the scenes of JavaScript and leaves you with a deep understanding of how this remarkable programming language works.” –Chris Fuselier Engineering Consultant

“I wish I’d had Head First JavaScript Programming when I was starting out!” –Daniel Konopacki Staff Software Engineer, The Walt Disney Company

“This is the first JavaScript book that I have ever really liked.” — Craig, review

Get your copy today

You can pre-order Head First JavaScript Programming now at or O’Reilly Media (use promo code HFJSP, valid through 2014, for 40% off the print book).

Get the example files

We’ve created a book page for Head First JavaScript Programming, where you’ll find code and links for the book.

So join us! And get ready to program.

  • 杨 丁四

    Cannot wait for it!

  • juss

    Please release it! cant wait

  • disqus_NHTRRcoafY


  • disqus_NHTRRcoafY

    In the Java setter and getter what mean

  • Gandalf Hobbitland

    I was wondering when the actual release date was going to be. On your post it says late summer of 2013 but when I checked on Amazon it says January 22, 2014. I was wondering which one is it. I would love to have this book by the end of summer. Thanks. :)

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Hi Gandalf (great screen name BTW), we are working as fast as we can. We are still hoping this fall, but we’ll see! We’ll keep you posted.

  • Marco

    But there IS already a Head First JavaScript book. What is the difference between that one and the new one?

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Hi Marco,
      This book is “Head First JavaScript Programming” and is about learning programming fundamentals, using JavaScript. The focus is slightly different: we’re assuming you don’t necessarily know any programming language at all. For instance, if you’ve read Head First HTML & CSS, you should be able to pick up Head First JavaScript Programming and learn how to program (as well as learn the basics of JavaScript) from it. I hope that helps!

      • Anyel Martich P

        Hi Elisabeth,
        Am I missing too much If i read the Head first Java script by Michael Morrison which is a bit older than your book?

      • erictfree

        Anyel, this book was rewritten, from scratch, for a reason. 😉 So, yes, you want the new one.

        Read the reviews of the new book if you’re unsure. Good luck!

  • James Lake

    I’m making my way through Head First HTML and CSS and wondering which Javascript book I should move on to next out of HF Javascript Programming and HF HTML5 Programming. I have some programming experiencing (Python) but none with Javascript and want to learn the language properly.

    Also, how much similarity/overlapping occurrs between HF Javascript Programming and HF HTML5 Programming?

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Hi James, we cover a small bit of JavaScript in Head First HTML5 Programming… just enough to get you going with the rest of the book. But it’s not an in-depth teaching of the language, so I’d recommend you go with Head First JavaScript Programming next, and then Head First HTML5 Programming.

      • Rogerio Silva

        Ahhnnn, thanks a lot, sorry for interrupting, but that’s an important advice because I’m studying alone. Thank you Elisabeth you’re awesome! But one step at a time, love you guys, Eric and Elisabeth you’re my heroes! In economics we don’t learn this, so i have to fix it myself.

  • uphillfun

    Hi, I really loved the Head First HTML & CSS book. I have a
    university course re Javascript starting 3rd Mar, 2014. Amazon puts the
    publication date of the new Javascript book at 22nd Mar, 2014. I might
    risk doing the course if the book looked to be on track to be published
    on time (or early!). The book is not listed as required reading,
    however I know that it would make it much easier for me to learn
    Javascript if it were available!… Thanks in advance, Michelle :)

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Hi Michelle, it’s on track for that date! It’s in final production right now. Yay!

      • uphillfun

        Wow, thanks for the quick reply! I actually have to enrol in my unit (in Australia) by 6 hours from now (midnight deadline!). That’s great news. :)

      • Elisabeth Robson

        Hi again, just found out that the date it will be available (in print) on O’Reilly is actually 3/24. hopefully Amazon at the same time. The eBook is always available a few days before, in case that helps.

      • uphillfun

        No worries, these things happen. Amazon actually (now) puts the date at Mar 25th. I guess they’re playing it safe! I’ve already pre-ordered, with the super-expensive express delivery to Hobart, Tasmania. With a bit of luck I might get it by the end of Mar (with 2 months after that till the end of my uni subject). Much better than not having the book at all! :)

      • Elisabeth Robson

        Thank you! I hope it arrives expeditiously. When you get it, post of photo of yourself in Tasmania with the book – would love to see it! Tasmania is so beautiful…

  • Alain

    Hello Eric and Elisabeth. I looked today on and I remarked they put the publication date of the new Javascript book at Publication Date: April 3, 2014. Are you sure it will be available at that day

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Hi Alain,
      Unfortunately we don’t have any control of what Amazon does, but I can tell you that we’re currently shooting for 3/24 as the date the book is available at O’Reilly, and books are usually available on Amazon within a few days after they are on O’Reilly.

      Hope that helps!!


  • Ankur Sharma

    hi elisabeth and eric…i love the style of head first books…but i want to know that why the text are not justified

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Justified text is harder to read than left-aligned text. We do everything we can to make things easy for you to learn!

      • Ankur Sharma

        we appreciate all your hard work, we students completely rely on you when it comes to learning something, thank you for making us happy

      • erictfree

        Thanks Ankur, what else would you like to see from us in terms of materials and topic areas?

      • Ankur Sharma

        I am so glad that I had been asked to specify something, but head first
        books are already the best, and they cover everything required to master
        the subject

  • wayne

    I need help!
    I bought this book, but could not find the code .
    This book was published in 2008.

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Oh I think you have the book Head First JavaScript by Michael Morrison? Ours was published in 2014. Sorry, I don’t know where the code is for Head First JavaScript. Try the O’Reilly book page.

    • erictfree

      Wayne, where did you purchase the book? The book was replaced by our recent version, which is totally a new book.

  • Jose Campos

    hey, where are the samples, I tried to download them but the link does not exists

    • Elisabeth Robson

      They should be there! I think the page was temporarily unavailable. Try again now.

  • kapil

    How can i download games images java script 9th chap blurred images?

  • Elisabeth Robson

    Hi Dineen, feel free to ask questions here!

  • Elisabeth Robson

    Yes, that’s an error that we fixed in the most recent printing – thanks! Check the book’s errata page online, and feel free to submit any other errata you find there!

  • Khaison Duong

    I teach a web design 1 class and we use HF HTML and CSS 2nd. I will be teaching web design 2 in the future and was wondering which book would be the more appropriate next step “HF JavaScript Programming” or “HF HTML5 Programming”. Thanks for any advice.

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Hi Khaison,
      If your students don’t yet know any or much JavaScript, I’d definitely recommend Head First JavaScript Programming to learn the core language features really well, and then HF HTML5 Programming for the web apis.

      Hope that helps!!

  • Nick

    I’m having difficulty understanding the role return true/false play in the game in chapter 8. Are they absolutely necessary? Where can I find some more information on this topic? I’d be very grateful if I got an answer.

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Can you email me with more details? I’m assuming you mean the code on page 344, but it would be good to email and get more specifics.


  • Rhonn

    Hi, great book for a complete beginner like me. It was all going smooth until the thingamajig example. I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out why “clunk” repeats 120 times? My guess was that first, clunk displays 5 times, then 4, then 3, 2 and 1 and adding those times gives a total of 15. But if the total is 120 then the code multiplies 5x4x3x2x1. But I’m failing to see in the code why it multiplies the times instead of adding them. I’d really appreciate a bit of clarification. Thanks.

    • Elisabeth Robson

      Hi Rhonn,
      Take a look at the line:

      facky = facky * size;

      That’s where we do the multiplication! If you change that to a plus you’ll see the result you were expecting for addition.

      The thingamajig implements the Factorial function which is why we used multiplication.


  • Elisabeth Robson

    It’s not a free book. You can purchase it online at or O’Reilly Media.

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