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A Teaser from Head First JavaScript Programming

Exciting news: we’ve partnered with O’Reilly in two ways to bring you Head First JavaScript Programming, our most recent title.

Head First JavaScript Programming Teasers

First, we’re creating a video series that we’ll roll out with one video a week over the next 3 months to bring you sneak peaks of what we’re doing with Head First JavaScript Programming. We’ll get you started with JavaScript, and let you in on a few JavaScript secrets, too. We’ll visit the backroads of JavaScript programming to bring you the story behind the story: those tidbits that only experts know. If you’re new to JavaScript, or you’re looking to freshen up your knowledge, this is for you.

We’ll be posting the videos right here on Give us your email and we’ll let you know each week when a new video is out. You’ll also find the videos cross posted on

Get your copy today

You can order Head First JavaScript Programming now at or O’Reilly Media (use promo code HFJSP, valid through 2014, for 40% off the print book).

Head First JavaScript Programming Teasers Episodes

  • Alaina Wermers

    When I went to sign up for the Insiders Program, it said that I am already signed up. Is it because I am already signed up for the newsletters?

    Thanks! And keep up the great work with your books!

    • Rebeca

      Yes, that happened to me too.

    • Elisabeth Robson

      You’re registered for our mailing list, but not the Insider program. Are you using the popup on the insider page? The popup is for the regular mailing list. Be sure to use the *form* on the jssignup page to get on the insider list.

      • sparty02

        I had the same experience with the “Already signed up” message. Is this a defect?

      • Elisabeth Robson

        To sign up for the Insider program, go to this page: and fill out the form that’s in the page, NOT in a popup. (The popup is for the regular mailing list).. and it should work. Let me know if not and I’ll check to see if you’re already on the list.

      • sparty02

        I didn’t see any popups! I filled out the actual form on that page (the first time doing so) and got the already signed up message

      • Elisabeth Robson

        And so are you!

      • Abbie Keeper

        I got the same message too, Would you be able to check if I’m signed up please? Many thanks

      • Elisabeth Robson

        Abbie, you’re on the list!

      • Louis-Philippe Breton

        When I press submit the form tells me that I’m already registered too. Please let me know if it’s true.

      • Elisabeth Robson

        Louis-Philippe – you are already signed up!

      • Alaina Wermers

        Apologies for the delay in response. I just tried to again with the link below and it’s still saying I’m already signed up. Let me know if it worked on your end this time!


      • Elisabeth Robson

        You’re on the list Alaina!

  • Russell Alleen-Willems

    Very excited to see the new book! I love the Head First series, but the HF javascript book is a little dated now. I’m looking forward to seeing how you cover JSON and using Javascript for offline and mobile apps.

  • John Forbes

    Looking forward to more great videos!!

  • Eric Liscinsky

    When can we get the contents page(s) to preview what the book will cover?

  • Matt Hanrahan

    Thanks! Can’t wait for more.

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  • Sriharshaa

    How far the book is completed ? And when is it going to be released to public ? Do you include database connectivity too in this ? And any details or intro on jquery ? I am done with your html and css book and currently reading html 5 book . The javscript intro given in html 5 is very brief and now I realize that there is a need for complete javascript book in detail. (Though I have previous experience in java , c & c++ ).

    • erictfree

      We’re just about to post the 9th chapter, which makes the current book over 420 pages of reading. This book is going to be published by O’Reilly, and by joining Insiders you’ll get a digital copy from them when the book is complete.

      We wrote this book to fill the gap between HTML&CSS and the HTML5 book, so hopefully it will be perfect for you!

      • Sriharshaa

        Thank you ! Can you guys post the index page so that we will get the idea of what all contents it has and also how many chapters have been planned for the book ? and Are those 9 chapters still have to be reviewed yet ? or they are ready for the main book ?

      • Elisabeth Robson

        We haven’t got an index page quite but we’ll get there very soon!

      • Sriharshaa

        So if I take the insider program now , can I do till the 9th chapter straight ahead ? Or still they have to be reviewed by your editors ?

      • Elisabeth Robson

        Oh, no all the chapters are up and ready for you to read. We put them up *before* they go to the editors (so you see the versions with all the gory mistakes :-))

      • Sriharshaa

        So is the big day here ? I mean are you planning to launch the book around christmas time like December ending ?

      • Elisabeth Robson

        No, we are behind. I should clarify: all the chapters we’ve completed (up thru 8, although hopefully 9 today) are up. We have 3-4 more.

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